About Me


Hi, I'm Amy.


My grandma is a documentary film editor in China. I spent many hours playing with scratch films in the editing room and cameras since I was very little. I think the love for documentary is ingrained in me.




We always have shelves filled of photo albums at home. One of my favorite activity to do with my family when I was littler was flipping through the albums and listening to my mom or grandma telling the story. The story of a difficult birth of a new baby into the family. The story of the only grand-daughter of a loving grandpa. The story of a stubborn kid who can only sleep in the stroller. 





I grew up. I had my own camera. We went on adventure trips as a family. I went on adventures abroad. We share the photos we take everyday in our family chatroom and we share with each other about the story we were told, the people we met and the trials we faced. 

Then I really grew up. I started to take photos of my family and my children. Now my children get to go through a deck of photos and create their versions of stories. 




Photos are my ways to share my story, my thoughts, my connections, my emotions, and my love. When I look at a photograph, I see beyond the editing, even the composition. I see interesting people. I see reality. I see perfection in the imperfection. When I am behind the lens, I freeze these and help people preserve their stories. This way, we all have a photo story to tell our children, our grandchildren and generations to come!

I'm Amy, the Chinese girl who loves to take photos for families.