Hello Baby Handley | Scottsdale Arizona Fresh 48 Session | In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session | Arizona Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

As an expecting mom myself now, I have been really thinking about what I want to do when it comes to newborn photos. Over the past years, I am more and more drawn to the rawness of life in general. Fortunately I had the opportunity to document the first moments of baby Handley’s life and how her family welcomed her to this world with a Fresh 48 Session at the hospital and an in-home lifestyle newborn session.

There is nothing more magical than meeting a fresh new life. I was able to see the unconditional love the parents showed towards their baby girl. One of the older siblings got sick the day before the baby was born so we were definitely all super bummed that we were not able to capture the moment all the older brothers meet their little sister. However, fortunately, I was invited to their home soon after so I was able to get all the family members in the same frame this time.

Let’s enjoy their little story of welcoming little baby Handley first!

Aren’t they just the cutest? Also It was such an honor that I got to be there to witness another milestone of this mama’s life. About a year ago, I was able to help this mama document her breastfeeding journey with one of my motherhood sessions and now, this journey continues.

I am really grateful for the trust I’ve earned from this amazing family. I don’t take this trust lightly. Also I am grateful for the friendship I’ve gained from this mama. Now I have one more friend who is in this thing called motherhood together!

Are you an expecting mama who is wondering what kind of newborn photo shoot you should do? I feel you. Preparing to welcome a new member into the family can be stressful enough as it is let alone when faced with so many great options for newborn photos out there. So let’s chat and see if a Fresh 48 or an in-home lifestyle newborn session is something that sparks joy to you!