Fall Announcements

Can you believe Fall is coming before we even know it? 

I'm super excited!

  • Now booking October through Dec 5th for all regular sessions
  • Full-Service Family Sessions
  • In-home Family Session options always available
  • Fall Petit Sessions
Kyrie Mangum Family-30.jpg


Fall Family Sessions

Fall is here!  We can finally play outside.  And Family Sessions are in full swing!  I'm now booking October through December 5th.

The spots are limited this fall for sessions, especially on weekends as I have a couple of destination sessions booked out of Phoenix Area and I will be traveling during those weekends. With that being said, if you are up to traveling to locations including Payson, AZ or San Francisco,CA, you are more than welcome to contact me to see if you can book a session with me while I am there. 

You can book a full session,  build-your-own petit session with a friend, or sign up for one of the seasonal petit session(below).

I’ve changed my business model a little bit and I am thrilled to announce that all of my sessions now are all inclusive with a full gallery of digital images along with a print release, no more selecting and purchasing additional files a la carte.  

In-home Sessions

Indoor sessions are a great option for midday and think how wonderful it would be to have fun and intimate memories captured in your very own home--where life, real life, happens!

I’m discounting indoor/in-home storytelling sessions in September and October.

Ashley Motherhood Session-45.jpg


Petit Sessions

Seasonal Family Petit Session sign ups are now open, and all scheduled dates usually book up very quickly!  

You will still be able to schedule a 'build-your-own' family petit session with a friend!