Fresh 48 Session Prep

Arizona Fresh 48 Newborn Family Photographer

If you would like to, instead of the striped hospital linens, use one of your own swaddles or blankets during our session, make sure to pack them in your hospital bag. I do not recommend any "outfits" or onesies for this type of session. We don’t want to over stimulate a really fresh baby by putting the baby in over complicated outfits while he or she is just getting used to being in this world.

In the last few weeks leading up to your due date, I will be a member of your birth team; let me know when things are happening, and when baby is born, so that I can immediately plan ahead to get to you in those first 48 hours. Make sure that you have my phone number saved in your contacts.

If baby is born in the nighttime, I can come the next day, OR the second day, depending on how you are feeling, how he/she's doing, and what your discharge plans are. If baby is born during the morning or early afternoon, typically I would come the next day, but if you'll still be in the hospital, I can always come on day three as well.

Once we've set the time for our session, it can be helpful if before I arrive, Dad can clear some of the natural clutter that will accumulate near the hospital bed and window area (cafeteria dishes, phone chargers, paperwork, gifts, flowers, extra clothing). I can absolutely help with this when I get there so please don't feel like your room has to be perfectly "tidy" before our session, but if a little cleanup has already happened before I arrive, I am able to spend more time with my camera up!

I always want to be friendly and flexible with your healthcare team and the hospital staff. It's helpful if you let your nurses know that I will be coming so we don't have any surprises.

If you are planning on me capturing older siblings' first-introduction or second-visit, best scenario is for me to begin our session about 30 minutes before big brother/sister will even arrive. I will do almost all the individual photos of baby before the commotion of older sibling and family interaction, that way when everyone is present, I can capture all the family stuff.

Best scenario is that your new little family is alone with me in the room during our session. I know that grandparents and other family members and friends would love to be present, and I of course would never kick anyone out, but I feel the need to mention that hospital rooms can be small, and it can be a lot of stimulation for children to meet their new baby for the first time, and I've found that having anyone else present besides your immediate family while I'm photographing can be distracting and make it harder for me to capture the moments that I know you want preserved forever. These sessions are an investment, and I want to make sure we are set up to have the best experience possible! I mention this not to dissuade anyone from visiting, or ruffle any feathers -- I simply ask that you consider what might make the most sense for your family so that you can mentally prepare anyone who might be dropping off the kiddos, or who might drop in during our session time, and so that you can communicate your wishes to me before we are on the spot.

Fresh 48 Sessions are so very special because they capture your baby when he or she is brand brand new. Meeting new babies at the hospital is an experience I treasure so much, thank you for trusting me with these important memories!