Authentic interactions


I call myself a Lifestyle Photographer. I aim to capture authentic moments and connections. Instead of following a long list of poses, I take the time to guide you into genuine moments to capture the genuine smiles, booming laughter and soft affections. I am here to document the everyday moments that all add up to create the big memories you look to cherish most. This is my passion and I have done the work to ensure your session is as comfortable, carefree and memorable as it can possibly be to create images that show your life well lived. 

I will not be focusing on the “look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese” types of images during our shoot. I typically capture a few of these for you at the very beginning. Truth be told, you’ll only have to look directly into the camera if prompted to do so! I’m here to calm your nerves and I ensure even the most ‘camera shy’ individual will ease into relaxation to capture beautiful moments. I will direct you into pretty light, ask you to walk hand-in-hand, suggest you all tickle the littlest member of your family, or even play ring around the rosy! I will get silly with your kiddos during the shoot and will encourage them to fully unleash their unique personality.


I love when families take over after one simple prompt and allow their interactions to unravel honestly. Sitting back and capturing these moments and natural connections happen in front of my camera is my absolutely favorite. While I can guide you, I love watching your personalities mix, and defined characteristics of relationships with each other reveal themselves. Be assured, I also know when to step back in to continue to guide the session, if needed.

Choosing the right location

When we think about locations we can choose between at an outdoor location and in your home. I love both of these options. You should make the choice based on what you’re hoping to get out of your images. Perhaps spending the day by the river is your family’s favorite past time. Or are you looking for a more carefree, hanging out at home with your family feel? Are you hoping for more windswept and natural? Or are you hoping for a few romantic shots of you and your partner in your home? Take some time to think about what you’re hoping to get out of these images before choosing your location and read below for more insight into outdoor and indoor locations.

*Please note, I do not have a studio. If you’d prefer a studio session, I would love to recommend you to another wonderful photographer who may be better suited to your style.




Outdoor sessions are my absolute favorites. We can take advantage of the most beautiful lighting. The transformational power of beautiful sunlight is what I crave. I understand that having your children up early for sunrise, or having them stay up late for sunset, may affect their mood and sleep schedule slightly, but it has always been worth it.

For outdoor sessions, we can discuss a variety of options that match you and your family’s personality best. Does your family love the water and are you all willing to jump in? Outdoor sessions can really bring a magical feel to your images. What is your vision and what outdoor area really captures your family best? Let’s discuss your ideas!




In-home sessions are very special. It's right in your home--where your real life happens. There can be nothing more comfy and carefree than shooting a family in their own home. If you choose an in-home session, I am thrilled to be part of your everyday interactions. An in-home session often allows children to relax more and gives space for the family pet to photobomb as much as possible! I can capture you reading stories, making pancakes, having a kitchen dance party or just hanging out together. The options are endless. The best time of day for an indoor shoot is morning to midday, so please keep that in mind if you are working around schedules.

Choose the right date and time


Choosing a Date: Weekend session dates are limited and book up farther in advance especially in Fall season.  You will have the best chance for your desired date and time by scheduling in advance, or being flexible for a mid-week or off-season date.

Time of Day: Outdoor  I shoot outdoor sessions in natural light.  There are two times of the day, right after sunrise and a bit before sunset, when the position of the sun produces the dreamiest light for photographs.  Sunrise and sunset times vary depending on the season hence the session starting time will vary slightly seasonally. For hot summer months, I highly recommend a morning session. Sunrise actually can be an amazing option for families with little ones!  Many babies and kiddos are super happy in the morning, and it's so much cooler. Bonus point, our photo session won't affect nap times or dinnertime!

Time of Day: Indoor  I shoot indoor sessions using available natural light (windows), so for Newborns and Lifestyle sessions, we will discuss what the best time of day will be for lighting for your indoor location or your home.

Booking Process

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and preferred date and time. Book your session by signing the photo session contract and paying the non-refundable session retainer which is applied to the total cost of your session. Once secured, we will set up a time to do a quick phone call to answer any questions and discuss the details for me to style your family! You will gain access to my session prep guide. The remainder session fee is due on the day of your photoshoot. And we will go create some memories!